Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, in order to reserve one of our vehicles, we require a mandatory $200 deposit be made by credit card. We will hold this amount until after your reservation so that we can assess the state of the vehicle. If we find damage has occurred during your excursion, we will be forced to keep this deposit. If the vehicle returns in the same condition that we sent it out, we will promptly release the hold on your $200 and it should be available to you free and clear with 3 business days.

Nope! We don't hide anything from you. You'll be informed of everything you'll want to know. The price includes everything and we will never demand more money that you didn't know about. There are smaller fees that might be applied later such as a damage fee or a cleaning fee.

There are no cancellations. You will be told this before confirming your reservations so that you are aware. You'll still be responsible for the payment even if you couldn't use the service. You cannot change the date of your reservation but you might be able to change the vehicle or time depending on availability.

Checking out of service area page will be more in depth of where we will go but we travel all around San Jose and the surrounding communities. We are always expanding our service area. If you don't see your city, give us a call and ask if we service there. Chances are we do but don't service that often to put it on our site.

You can go anywhere. As long as your pick up and drop off are in the same area, you won't be charged anything extra. You have unlimited miles and stops. We do have to stay in California. You can drive 3 hours one way and turn around and come back while just partying on the bus if you want.

Limo Bus San Jose accepts payment via all major credit cards, personal checks (up 'til two weeks prior to your event), and cash.


General Questions

Do you permit smoking on your vehicles?

No, we do not permit our passengers to smoke on our vehicles. We do, however, permit our passengers to request as many smoke breaks as they'd like. Our drivers will be glad to oblige if you'd like to pull over for a cigarette.

Can children ride with us?

Yes they can! We don't have an age limit. The only thing is that if there are children or those who are younger than 21 years old, there cannot be any alcohol on the vehicle.

What if we stay longer than our reserved time?

That's fine with us. We just ask that you call to make sure it's okay. You won't be charged a crazy fee for staying over either. It'll be just your normal hourly rate.

Can we bring food with us?

Yes you can. We just ask that you don't bring something that will make a huge mess. If there is a giant mess left behind, you might be charged a cleaning fee. There are coolers with ice and some counter space that you could put stuff on or in.

Do you permit drinking on your vehicles?

Yes, we do permit our passengers to consume alcohol on our vehicles as long as everyone on-board is of legal drinking age. We also insist that all open containers remain on the vehicle for the duration of your event. If there's anyone under 21 years of age, there cannot be any alcohol on board.

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